Internationale Föderation für Eurasierzucht

International Federation for Eurasier Breeding

Fédération internationale pour l'élevage d’Eurasier

Federatión Internacional para Cria de Eurasier

International Federation for Eurasier Breeding within the FCI and worldwide

The International Federation for Eurasier Breeding (IFEZ) is a cooperation of several national Eurasier Clubs, who feel a special obligation to care for the health and character of Eurasiers.

IFEZ was founded on the initiative of the Zuchtgemeinschaft fuer Eurasier e.V (ZG) in February 1996. The aims were to unite as many Eurasier Clubs as possible within Europe, in order to encourage breeding to a very high standard. Meanwhile, IFEZ has outgrown the EU community border.
The chairmanship rotates biannually.

All Eurasier Clubs within IFEZ are members of FCI, or of FCI-cooperating organizations (at present the CKC for Canada, the AKC for USA, and the Kennel Club UK) via their national Club. They guarantee sound breeding.

The breeding clubs involved exchange all relevant breeding data for any Eurasiers they have ever bred; the data is then available in the shared IFEZ database. By so doing, a very large amount of information concerning the health and character of the Eurasier population has been collected, going back to the very beginning of Eurasier breeding in 1960.

This data is stored in state-of-the-art breeding programmes and is used when choosing Eurasiers for breeding and for assessing their breeding potential.

Since 1999, every Eurasier bred according to the strict quality rules of the Federation receives a special Certificate which is given to the buyer of a puppy by the national Club together with the pedigree. This document offers assurance to the buyer of the high quality of Eurasier breeding within the associated clubs.

This is in marked contrast to other so-called Eurasier breeders, who merely cross a Chow-Chow with a Wolfspitz (Keeshond) and sell these puppies as Eurasiers. Such dogs have nothing in common with Eurasiers. Pure-bred Eurasiers are the result of more than fifty years of breeding efforts.

Eurasiers stem from a carefully planned "triple-crossing" between Chow-Chow and Wolfsspitz with a "smaller portion" of Samoyed. There are no wild sources that "wild breeders" could have used. Therefore it is rather unlikely that a dog bred without VDH/FCI papers could be a true Eurasier. Unfortunately, when founding and naming the breed, the name "Eurasier" was not protected, so that it is difficult to take any legal steps against these "wild breeders". Also, because of this, a certificate of quality is essential.

When you buy a puppy, please check that the breeder belongs to a club that is a member of (IFEZ). Here the breeders and board members of the World Union for Eurasiers will offer advice and information throughout your dog's life.

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