International Federation for Eurasier Breeding (IFEZ)

60 Years Eurasier

In 2020 the German dog breed, the Eurasier will be 60 years. It is still a relatively young breed with the FCI standard 291. It is surprising how the Eurasier, starting out from an idea for a family companion dog, has developed into a stunning breed that is known worldwide

The idea of a family companion dog with a good character, and relaxed and undemonstrative disposition towards strangers was realized

Already within the first few decades of Eurasier breeding, several clubs were founded in Germany as well as abroad, pursuing the original aims of the breed founder and his colleagues of the first hour. A shared breeding database (for Eurasiers) was founded in 1995 by G Aach, ZG, to draw together the various breeding efforts. After the signing of contracts in 1996 it was renamed IFEZ – International Federation for Eurasier Breeding (Zucht in German, hence the Z). The name is the mission statement!

The health data in the database, analyzed with an estimate of breeding potential, are our basis for the best possible breeding of pedigree dogs.

The health data in the database, analyzed with an estimate of breeding potential, are our basis for the best possible breeding of pedigree dogs.

The excellent health, the pleasant character and the colour variety of the Eurasier could be maintained over 60 years and will also be carefully nurtured in the future by the IFEZ member clubs.

IFEZ is associated with the FCI by a treaty of cooperation, and is, with its 11 current members (Eurasier breed clubs in Europe and America), the guarantor that the Eurasier breed will remain healthy, varied and of good temperament.

All IFEZ clubs are working together for the successful future of our wonderful breed.

Gisela Aach, IFEZ Secretary
Translation: Brigitte Mordan-Grimm

International Federation for Eurasier Breeding (IFEZ)

Short minutes of the 2020 IFEZ Conference 2020

on 31/10-01/11/2020 

Since 1996, each year at the end of October, the IFEZ clubs have met to exchange information about breeding and about any necessary measures to keep our beautiful breed the  "Eurasier" healthy as well as sound in temperament. 

In 2020, everything was different. That meeting was also affected by Corona. We quickly came to the decision to hold the meeting online, so that the exchange of information would not stall. 

Three conference modules were created for the weekend. With some variation in the clubs’ participants, the content was competently discussed and worked through with the help of the online platform "MS Teams" by John Stegman, the current IFEZ Chair.   

The most important topics covered were:

•       Further collection of ideas on the redesign of the joint agreement on cooperation between the clubs 

•       Our database will be cloud-based, backups, GDPR, hits, etc. was discussed; first concrete information was provided 

•       The new homepage will now also be made available in English  

•       Many new insights about breeding and health of our Eurasiers gained (breeding requirements, thyroid problems, popular sire syndrome, inbreeding problems, etc.) 

•       Information about fees in member clubs, requirements of different kennel clubs etc. 
Will we be able to meet in person again in 2021? Let us hope so! 


translation: B Mordan-Grimm  

IFEZ meeting 2020

International Federation for Eurasier Breeding (IFEZ)


The well-attended IFEZ meetings over the last 26 years are testimony of the fact that IFEZ is a great organization of Eurasier clubs. The first generation of delegates (Chairpersons, Breeding Officials and Data Representatives) who had been there since its inception, are slowly retiring from the positions in their clubs and therefore as IFEZ delegates. New delegates are taking over.

The three most important pillars of IFEZ are now being modernized; they are:

- Database with a program to estimate breeding values.
- Agreements with IFEZ members.
- IFEZ homepage.

The database is being positioned in the Cloud and data are to be managed by the data representatives of the clubs directly. The database is having an additional character ‘epilepsy’; such additions will always be possible when needed.

The IFEZ agreements with clubs is being re-worked. It will be adapted to the present status of IFEZ.

The IFEZ homepages has had a complete overhaul and will be put live. We are of the opinion that this window to the outside world in particular will be able to represent IFEZ with its ideas as a modern organization for the good of our Eurasiers.

In the next few years we will work on some topics to secure the future of IFEZ, so that our Eurasiers will stay the way we value them:

Healthy, with a fine character, in various colours, and just a good family companion.

The next IFEZ meeting will be held on October 2021

IFEZ member associations

EKW - Eurasier Klub Weinheim
SEK - Suomen Eurasier Kerho Finnland
ZG - Zuchtgemeinschaft für Eurasier
EVN - Eurasier Vereniging Nederland
ECA - Eurasier Club Austria
ECB - Eurasierclub Belgien
EFS - Eurasier Freunde Schweiz
EKD - Eurasier Klubben Dänemark
USEC - United States Eurasier Club
ECI - Eurasier Club Italiano
SEA - Southern Eurasier Association (UK)
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