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Testimonials of long-standing IFEZ representatives, members and breeding representatives about IFEZ.

Prof. Dr. Kurt Kotrschal

One of the biggest problems of dog breeding is often the small size of a population. This usually means inbreeding and the rapid spread of hereditary diseases. The associations cooperating in IFEZ avoid this problem because mating decisions are made on the basis of "breeding value". This is possible because in all these clubs the puppy buyers are motivated to have their dogs examined for a number of health parameters, around the age of 18 months. This data is managed by the associations and is fed into a common IFEZ database, which currently contains information on 30 000 dogs. In addition, in breeding matters, it also cooperates with associations that are not (yet) members of the IFEZ. Therefore, Eurasiers are one of the healthiest dog breeds today. What may seem like a loss of autonomy for the individual breeder actually brings an enormous increase in quality. But "nobody is perfect". Therefore, it is important to maintain and develop this association, which is so important for the breeding of healthy dogs, in the future.

Prof. Dr. Kurt Kotrschal – Austrian Biologist, Behavioural Scientist and Author, Professor emeritus Vienna University, Hon Chairperson of the Austrian Eurasier Club

Prof. Dr. Kurt Kotrschal

Mag Dr Brigitte Mordan-Grimm, BSc, RSHom

For me as a zoologist, health professional, as well as a passionate lover of Eurasiers, IFEZ is a unique association, which I consider to be extremely beneficial for the breed. Sharing health data and expertise, as well as helping each other with matings and imports to increase and diversify the local gene pool, are the features I have found to be the most valuable on a practical level. Which other breed has a health database of dogs going back to the very beginnings of the breed!? Especially when introducing a breed to other countries, in my case into the UK (I am Austrian), the focus of its special characteristics, as well as breeding ethics, can only too quickly get lost. IFEZ tries to ensure that that is not the case for Eurasiers. Furthermore, I have had the pleasure of learning from people who have been in the breed for a very long time, which I believe has given me a strong rooting in the special ethics of Eurasiers and their breeding. On a personal level, IFEZ has enabled me to make many important friendships with like-minded and very special people, who have also dedicated a large part of their life to our favourite breed of dog. It is a great community, which I have found to be invaluable on so many levels.

Mag Dr Brigitte Mordan-Grimm – Austrian Biologist and Health Professional living in the UK, Chairperson and Founder Member Southern Eurasier Association (UK), Specialist Eurasier Judge and Breeder

Mag Dr Brigitte Mordan-Grimm

Ute D. Molush
Ute D. Molush - Founding Member, United States Eurasier Club (USEC)

As a founding member of the United States Eurasier Club, pursuing IFEZ membership soon after our club’s inauguration, was of great importance to me. Since our Eurasier population was small at the time, the membership made it possible for us to learn and make appropriate breeding decisions, whilst considering the vast health information gathered in the IFEZ database, as well as with the help of the immense knowledge of experienced IFEZ club representatives.
IFEZ takes its objective very seriously: education and preservation of the special Eurasier breeding philosophy and continued care regarding the health and individuality of this special breed.
Young Eurasier clubs in countries with slightly different mentalities when it comes to dog breeding and dog husbandry, particularly benefit from this specific education.
As a distinct highlight, I cherish the annual IFEZ conferences that offer the possibility to discuss Eurasier-specific topics personally. These meetings are not only very educational and informative, they also intensify the one-to-one contacts and the close cooperation between the individual Eurasier clubs. IFEZ is really a unique institution, which will continue to do whatever is necessary to maintain the good health of the breed in the years to come
Ute D. Molush

Ute D. Molush

IFEZ member associations

EKW - Eurasier Klub Weinheim
SEK - Suomen Eurasier Kerho Finnland
EVN - Eurasier Vereniging Nederland
ECA - Eurasier Club Austria
ECB - Eurasierclub Belgien
EFS - Eurasier Freunde Schweiz
EKD - Eurasier Klubben Dänemark
USEC - United States Eurasier Club
ECI - Eurasier Club Italiano
SEA - Southern Eurasier Association (UK)


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